Canada's NDP


August 3rd, 2022

New Democrats stand with Bell Canada workers

NDP Labour Deputy Critic, Matthew Green issued the following statement:

“When workers are forced to pay up to $1000 more for their groceries, they must turn to the negotiation table to fight for livable wages to get by. Bell management’s intention to use scabs to undermine their workers’ right to negotiate for better wages and job security is another example of corporate greed. The NDP fully supports these workers and condemns acts that undermine workers’ rights to free and fair collective bargaining.

The Liberals always pay lip service when it comes to workers' rights, but they have protected corporate profits at the expense of workers' constitutional right to strike with back-to-work legislation. Meanwhile, they give millions in subsidies to big telecom companies while turning a blind eye to their offshoring of jobs abroad.

In the seven years the Liberals have been in power, they have pretended to care about workers' right to bargain fairly while protecting corporate profits by voting against NDP legislation to eliminate the use of scabs.

That's why the NDP used its power to force the Liberals to commit to introducing legislation aimed at ending the use of scabs. This will protect workers’ right to strike and bargain fairly for better working conditions. We will continue to pressure the government to introduce this legislation to end unfair labour practices and strengthen workers’ rights.”