Canada's NDP


June 24th, 2022

New Democrats stand with Starbucks workers

NDP Deputy Critic for Labour Matthew Green made the following statement:

“As New Democrats we fully support the movement of frontline service workers fighting for more democratic workplaces through unionization. While much attention has been paid to the success of the unionizations of Starbucks locations in the United States, the historic efforts here in Canada have often gone unrecognized. A Starbucks location in Victoria, B.C. is the first to unionize in North America. This work is ground-breaking and absolutely crucial as workers face profit-driven inflation that cuts into their ability to buy the necessities they need to take care of themselves and their families. Wages are not rising as fast as the cost of food and gas and Canadian workers are taking a stand.

We send our solidarity and congratulations to all the Starbucks workers and organizers in Lethbridge, AB and Surrey, B.C. whose stores have filed for union certification. This is an important step for workers in Canada and your leadership will help strengthen the labour movement and inspire others who are looking to exercise their rights to collective bargaining. We know what kind of deceitful union busting tactics that the corporate management will take to stop them, which is why we're calling on the general public to be sure to stop by these locations and show your union support.

With rising inflation and record corporate profits, workers in Canada and across North America are fighting to reclaim their power from exploitive multinational companies. We need more of this.

Unionized workplaces are better workplaces, safer workplaces, with better pay, better job security and better benefits for employees. New Democrats will always be proud to support workers and stand with everyone working to build a better workplace.

We will always stand with workers and the working class who are fighting for a better, fairer future.”