Canada's NDP


November 20th, 2020

REALITY CHECK: Liberal response to Pharmacare: "Who gives a f***?"

We already know the Liberals break their promises on pharmacare every chance they get.

They've been promising it for 23 years without doing anything while in power to make it a reality.

They first promised it in 1997, and in election after election since then - including last year.

And twice more since then in both of their throne speeches.

But every time, they put the demands of big pharma ahead of the needs of people across Canada.

We know. it's exhausting.

But finally, one senior Trudeau Liberal has come clean about what his government thinks about pharmacare, "who gives a f***?" (see tweet)

Who gives a f*** about universal pharmacare, Mr. Trudeau?

Well, as a start, nurses do, doctors do, your own expert Dr. Hoskins and his panel do, and so do millions of other Canadians.

And New Democrats care about pharmacare.

We'll keep fighting for the millions of Canadians struggling to pay for their medication.

And next time anyone in Liberal front benches asks "WGAF?" about helping people across this country, they should ask themselves "WTF" they're doing here and who "TF" they're working for.